Code Projects

My primary focus for ColdFusion developments revolves around the framework I use to build both my personal and work sites in CF. I've called it Rhino, and you can go and investigate it at SourceForge where I have a project for it and the code in Subversion.

My other projects are then built of the back of Rhino, using the frameworks extensibility functions that allow you to build modules that can do cool stuff. This page, for example is running inside a Rhino extension called OpenContent, which adds basic CMS functionality to Rhino. The site is in fact a combination of both straight forward Rhino and combined Rhino/OpenContent functionality, highlighting how flexible the framework is. But then I guess I would say that!

Java Projects


Since my first USB stick, the convenience and portability of gigs of data on a small thumb drive, has been a great way of keeping those things nearby that you just can't live without. But I've always felt vulnerable, carrying my stick cos in some cases it's the only copy of the data. So I wrote inSync, a small Java utility that syncs files on the stick with those on mulitpe machines. It uses Apache Derby, installed on the stick, to track the various syncs. Sweet.

ColdFusion Projects


NickOS is my homemade OS, nothing much to speak of yet, but it boots into protected mode and enables memory paging. That's about it to date. Working on the memory allocation algorithms at the moment, hope to get those implemented in the next month or so.

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Functional CF

The idea here was to look at giving ColdFusion a Lisp-y look. It's progressing slowly, and right now, I'm having to write a complete parser in CF for the code, but it's making progress.

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Mini Projects

1275 rebuild - to 1320 (a bit special)

The 1275 GT engine, that was put into bluemini a couple of years ago and gave up in Tesco's carpark with a complete gearbox failure, is on it's way back into the car. Alan at Peter Watkins engineering, Leigh on Sea, is undertaking the rebuild. Should be back in my possesion before the end of March 2003 and then back into the car a couple of months after that.

998 Auto - Restoration

Bluemini was originally a simple 998 Auto (4 forward) which drove me up the wall when trying to drive from London to Swansea (where I was at uni) so as soon as I could I changed it for the 1275 (see above.) However, I am thinking of overhauling the auto and maybe seeing what I can do to make it a versatile little engine for a project mini. Thoughts are for a medium boost supercharger and to convert the box to a steering wheel mounted paddle change system. Could be fun.


I always have a large number of projects on the go at any one time, I just either never get around to finishing them off, or never write anything up about them. So in an attempt to try and change things, I am going to start putting the best ones on line. So here they are...