Poppy Poppadopolos

Poppy Poppadopolos the floppy hippopotamus,
Decided to lose some weight,
So she hopped on her pogo stick, bounced round the town a bit,
And found herself a gym mate.

Her new mate was skinny, her friends called her mini,
she had not an ounce free to shed
Now Poppy was jealous, In this she was zealous,
to send her friend to her death bed!

So she made lot's of cakes full of sugary dates,
And more fat that clogs major veins
To her mate she would feed, Who devoured them with greed,
(Poppy ate just a few for her pains!)

Then one day t'was sure, poppies plan was secure,
her criminal goal she'd attain,
When little old mini screamed out "Hoojanini!
In my heart I am feeling much pain!"

She popped off her perch with a dying last lurch
for a flan that had been her demise,
Then Poppy stood proud, she labelled her shroud with
"Who ate all the pies!"

© Copyright 2004