If this doesn't convince you to eat cakes!

There was a young man who had smelly feet,
Because all he ate were raw plates of red meat,
He lost all his friends as they fled shouting cries,
"His feet smell so bad it has burnt out our eyes!"

He went to the doctor's, and to his surprise,
He said "Boy it's because all you eat are beef pies!
From now on eat cakes, to sweeten your blood
And your feet will smell no more as bitter as cud!"

So off he went home and he did as Doc said,
Then let himself sleep on his feather down bed,
But when the sun rose shining light on his face,
His feet smelled like roses, not stinging like mace!

He yelled "Come Ye Friends I am free on my curse!"
Then danced around town gaily singing this verse,
"To have smelly feet will lead to your demise!
So eat chocolate, rich biscuits, and deep filled fruit pies!"

© Copyright 2004