One cake a day...

I knew a chinchilla who wore a trench coat,
Sold pegs on street corners and lived by a moat,
He went out at night to steal teeth from the small,
but adult teeth were what he loved most of all.

He'd saw out the best, and then keep all the rest,
To make necklaces which he wore under his vest,
The best he would make into big gold doubloons,
To buy thousands of penny sweet strawberry mushrooms.

He stole from the young and he stole from the poor,
The people were sad as their gums were red raw,
Chewing was hard, so they all lived off mash,
And shared round the false teeth they kept in their stash.

With no clear solution there was havoc in the clans,
But the wise man came up with the best of all plans,
"Oooh arrrh eat sweet cakes is what I determine,
As rotten teeth will be no good to that vermin".

So the chilla roamed loose and the people were free,
But please take this warning from me unto thee,
Come here, eat my cakes, and let's rot all our teeth,
Or beware of the evil chinchilla of Blackheath!

© Copyright 2004