Fly by cakes

There once was a fly, that flew in my eye
It flew in my eye and I wanted to cry
I reflected a while, thought alas ah fye fye,
What a thing it would be, to be able to fly.

I thought of young Stephen who flew like a boulder,
And crashed to the ground with a rather bruised shoulder,
Then flew in new Kate on a coconut mat,
She knew of the risks and she fell down DROP SPLAT!

If when trying to fly your feet won't leave the floor,
There is still a time when your body can soar,
When gorging on cake or browsing some Dickens,
You can float on a candyfloss bed shaped like chickens.

When your mind is song with a feeling of glee,
You can soar over mountains, and glide through the see,
So fill not your head with TV or play station,
Make use of your birth right to keen imagination

© Copyright 2004