Bye Bye Peter

There was a young man called Stan
Who thought of an excellent plan
He would ditch all his mates
Start lifting some weights
And become a big wrestling man!

He started to wear lycra tights
And was winning all the big fights
But he slipped on a pea
So along came our Chwee
With an eye patch, a sling, and blue lights!

He couldn't believe it, he'd broken his toe!
So he cried and ate cakes made by great aunty Flo
But the cakes were so rich
There was one major glitch
He's too fat for his wrestling show!

Now, there's one special man, when you're feeling like Stan
If you're glum, and about to explode
He's that happy crusader, Australian invader
Smiley man hero, Mr Hoad!

He flew in Stan's room, with a crash bang kaboom
clad head to toe in lycra khaki
He said "Chin up kiddo, I know what to do
Now Chuck me a shrimp for this barbee!"

"There's no use crying like a whiny old Sheila, I'll tell you what we do in Oz,
We light up some coals, throw on a few voles, chill out feel vibes and the shmoz",
Now shmoz is a word that you may not have heard, but I'll tell you it's meaning because
I started this verse and it is such a curse to find anything rhyming with Oz!

So Peter brought sun to our failing stars day and made all the dark clouds go away
Left just enough laughter to last for one lifetime, but hark I hear you say!
What tribute have we for the fun he's brought us, the dancing and non stop good time
Well Peter fye fye, seek solace in pie, coz your gift is this one lousy rhyme!

© Copyright 2004