Bungle cake

The young Lord Mungbungle,
Was King of the Jungle,
His birthday was nearing it's date,
But knowing his Mum
Wouldn't let him drink Rum,
He found new ways to celebrate.

He asked his pet monkey,
Who looked rather chunky,
To throw him a big birthday bash,
"On beer we can't binge,
Or my mother will whinge",
Instead we'll disguise it in mash!

"You can't hide it there!"
Said a rabid old hare,
"The plan I have is so much slicker,
Get rid of that beer,
My instructions are clear,
Sherry trifle will be our new liquor!"

The trifle they ate,
The party was great,
And mother put up no petition,
Mungbungle ate on
The cakes in the throng
Now trifle's a party tradition!

© Copyright 2004