Law of Dice

Requires: 4 shot glasses, 4 players and 1 dice

All players sit in a circle and are given a glass. Starting with the player whose glass shows number TWO each player takes in turn to roll the dice. No player can take two drinks in a row, if their number is rolled consecutively, they must roll again and perform a forfeit chosen by the dice. And here follows the

Law of the Dice:

  • ONE - The player rolling the dice chooses a player to finish their drink.
  • TWO thru FIVE - The player with the number rolled on their glass must finish their drink.
  • SIX - All players must finish their drink.


FORFEIT 1 - Lick the ear of the player to your right.

FORFEIT 2 - Swap shirts with the player to your right.

FORFEIT 3 - Expose your midriff & bellydance

FORFEIT 4 - Say the alphabet backwards. A mistake costs you the rest of your drink

FORFEIT 5 - Do what the player opposite tells you to do for 60 seconds

FORFEIT 6 - Sing whatever song the player sat to your left requests for 60 seconds.