My Friends - Links

Ginny - my lovely wife

Her online shop

Her alternative shop

Her blog - if you like fabric and stuff

Other Projects

NickOS Is an OS development study that I'm doing, really as a piece of education unto myself, but I'm finding the process interesting. I'm trying to keep a record of my thoughts and actions in a blog, so that if I ever look back and ask why something was the way it is, I'll have a kind of answer. Kind of version control/audit trail for my thought processes.


His Stinky little friend - don't ask me!

Jon Forbes

My great friend with whom I grew up, making beer and watching 18 movies over long and lazy summer holidays. Now he is a dad and I am, well not. Jon is to literature what I am to computers and the web (only he's probably better). Check out his writing and his website...

Faith Hope & Gaffertape

FHGT as they like to be referred to are a UK based organisation who work with Faith and Theatre, believing that you find God in the friendships and experiences you share with others. Check them out at:

Other Stuff Out There

Fam Fam Fam

Is a British graphic designer who has created a fabulous set of icons, for FREE, and is giving them away. I'll be using these at work and on here, I love them. Check 'em out, maybe you'll love 'em too ;)


Link to me.... 

This is my little list of links to site I know and love. If you want to be listed on here then please submit your link on my little form, and if your site tickles my fancy or I know you, or something else cosmic and unexpected happens I'll post it. I would like you to link to me too though (in case you're wandering).