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FOWA - Best Quote

posted: 10 Oct 2008

Average people push excellent people out of a company. - Jason Calacanis

The Future of Web Applications

posted: 10 Oct 2008

Tim Bray, Sun Microsystems offers his opinion on web applications of the future, with particular reference to the tough economic times currently being experienced. Waterfall is dead and agile is the only sensible procurement approach given the current economic climate....

Desktop Class Applications

posted: 09 Oct 2008

Francisco Tolmasky, 280 North VHS = Desktop DVD = Web Showcasing the Cappuccino application framework. The framework that built 280 slides. Cappuccino wraps the following into a framework: Document management Content editing Graphics and views

The Future of Social App Intefaces

posted: 09 Oct 2008

Alvin Woon - plurk Adaptive UI - Serving different sets of content to different types of user to: Improve data relevancy, 'interestingness' and freshness. Increased accuracy leads to better user satisfaction. Adjusts dynamically to fit the user profile and usage...

Technology and Psychology

posted: 09 Oct 2008

Suw Charman The difference between the use of narrative versus 'randomness' in the delivery of content. Compulsive behaviour. What are the symptoms of compulsion/ Occasional behaviours become habitual. A feeling of preoccupation The behaior continues regardless of the consequences. Feelings...

Building Real-time Web Apps with Jabber

posted: 09 Oct 2008

Blaine Cook The concept of web applications being patient and waiting to be told when they have to do something. An event based web. And using Jabber to acheive it. Persistent Lightweight Bi-directional Asynchronous Guaranteed server identity Further, the ability...

The Future of News - Sharing and Discovery

posted: 09 Oct 2008

Kevin Rose - Talking about how they're looking to create an enjoyable experiences in digg. 30 million consumers of digg but only 3 million registered users inputting content. Mass aggregation does not deliver a true personalised experience. Filters of...

The Future of News

posted: 09 Oct 2008

Kevin Rose -

Paul Saffo on Untangling the Future

posted: 09 Oct 2008 Quoting a US news item during the hunt for Bin Laden - "Experts agree leader is dead or alive" - to underpin the fact that uncertainties must be appreciated when 'futurising'. But uncertainty is good in that it yields...

Supporting communities and future leaders

posted: 02 Oct 2008

Tony Sheehan, Learning Services Director, Ashridge Business Scholl, Formerly Chief Knowledge Office, Arup Looked back at his knowledge management experience in construction, with Arup and forward to his challenges with Ashridge designing strategies for leadership. Change - Work arrived by...

Tomorow's Talent

posted: 01 Oct 2008

Bill Parsons, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, ARM Holdings. ARM - The design (not manufacture) of the 32bit mobile microprocessors. Discusses the challenges of getting talent and designing and maintaining the environments to achieve it. Talent being clever, rare, creative...

Paul Saffo on Untangling the future

posted: 01 Oct 2008 Quoting a US news item during the hunt for Bin Laden - "Exerts agree leader is dead or alive" - to underpin the fact that uncertainties must be appreciated when 'futurising'. But uncertainty is good in that it yields...

ebic 2008

posted: 01 Oct 2008

It's raining in Berlin but the ebic conference is indoors this year - which is nice. I ran a quick search on Twitter to see if anyone was tweeting about it. Not much yet - maybe a different information demographic?

Adobe MAX 2007 - Barcelona

posted: 03 Aug 2008

It's day one of the first Adobe MAX to be held in Europe - although I do remember a Macromedia UCON in Paris quite a few years ago. The event is apparently sold out (1200 attendees) as was the US...

Day 1

posted: 03 Aug 2008

Keynote #1 Hosted by Kevin Lynch. In this the 25th year of Adobe the MAX themes are: Connect Discover Inspire Lynch introduced the new Adobe Developer Connection web site as a place to learn, share and be inspired in all...

I Like a Good Venn Diagram

posted: 03 Aug 2008

I'm a sucker for a good diagram or photograph to communicate data or thinking. In the world of Venn I now have two favorites. This one by Chris Kohler of Wired that helps understand the differences between the various versions...

Conference Links

posted: 03 Aug 2008

Will be posted here...

Launch Pad Talks

posted: 03 Aug 2008

The Monday evening before the Where 2.0 conference proper, is given over to a series of short presentation from new companies and new initiatives... GPSMission - Location based game. Online tool to create a scavenger hunt style game. whrrl -...

Where 2.0 2008 - Day 2 - Morning

posted: 03 Aug 2008

Disaster Tech: What is Working and What is Coming Jesse Robbins (O'Reilly Radar), Mikel Maron (Mapufacture) How innovative technologies in the geo space can evolve into technologies that save lives. Innovation and experience in conflict. Disaster Ad-hoc adaptation Championship Iterative...

Where 2.0 2008 - Day 1 - Afternoon

posted: 03 Aug 2008

fire eagle (Tom Coates) Yahoo! Brickhouse - Small teams working on projects that explore emerging and potential future applications of the web. Enables users to share their location online and control their data and privacy. Solves the problem of getting...

Where 2.0 2008 - Day 1 - Morning

posted: 03 Aug 2008

EveryBlock (Adrian Holovaty co-creator of Django) Previous work Chicagocrime.oeg mashing crime data with Google Maps. City block specific pages. Knight Foundation funded. This app aggregates content associated with a location. The premise is that location specific content is 'news to...

Yahoo! Internet Location Platform

posted: 03 Aug 2008

Yahoo! have opened up their location platform API Quoting from the Yahoo! guide... The Yahoo! Internet Location Platform contains about six million places. Coverage varies from country-to-country but globally includes several hundred thousand unique administrative areas with half a million...

Where 2.0 2008 - Day 2 - Afternoon

posted: 03 Aug 2008

Google Maps = Google on MapsLior Ron (Google, Inc. ) Announcements... Showing search results as layers not just paging through results screens. Addition of a layer menu to Google Maps - Wikipedia layer and Panoramio layer. Real-estate searching. Mapping web...