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Care and Strength

posted: 17 Jan 2014

Our lives are much different now and we often have to hear and do things that break our hearts, but it could be so very much worse.

Unicoding Font Styles

posted: 15 Jan 2014

A Unicode hack to style text without markup, presented with many a caveat and reservation.

The Choice

posted: 04 Jan 2014

Last night, not for the first time and probably not for the last, we made our five-year-old choose between drinking poison and having us force it down her throat.


posted: 28 Nov 2013

This is an even more thankful holiday for us than usual.

An Event Apart 2014 Schedules, Round One

posted: 25 Nov 2013

I’ve recently had the odd experience of seeing from the outside something that I usually get to see from the inside: the schedules and workshops for the first three An Event Aparts of 2014 have been announced.

Hoping for Uncertainty

posted: 11 Nov 2013

With a lot of cancers, including the cancer that Rebecca has, the best you can hope for is an ongoing state of uncertainty.

Help Us Help Molly

posted: 08 Nov 2013

Molly Holzschlag is facing a life-threatening medical condition, and along with that a solvency-threatening financial situation. Please do what you can to help her out.

Dead Milkmen Power

posted: 07 Nov 2013

I want to talk about last Saturday night, and it has nothing to do with Daylight Saving Time. Well, almost nothing, except very tangentially, right at the end.

Westward Bound

posted: 28 Oct 2013

We’re headed west, on our way home to start the next phase of our lives.

One Week

posted: 22 Oct 2013

Assuming all goes according to plan, we have just one week left before the radiation treatments stop and we can go home.


posted: 16 Oct 2013

As a followup to the recent public-speaking post, I want to talk about what’s happening with CSS: The Definitive Guide, 4th Edition. So I will!

On Stage and Off

posted: 07 Oct 2013

We now (sort of) interrupt the stream of Rebecca updates for a professional update.

Two Weeks

posted: 27 Sep 2013

We’re now a full two weeks into Rebecca’s proton therapy and you’d be hard-pressed to tell that anything is or ever was wrong with her.

Tomorrow and Tomorrow

posted: 19 Sep 2013

Tomorrow might be, probably will be, what the past week of tomorrows have been.

High-Value Real Estate

posted: 11 Sep 2013

Tomorrow begins a long and dangerous road, one we’re lucky to be able to walk at all.

Team Becca

posted: 29 Aug 2013

Some of our Cleveland friends have organized “Team Becca” as part of the 2013 CureSearch Walk for Children’s Cancer to be held in University Circle on the morning of Saturday, September 28.

So Very Lucky

posted: 28 Aug 2013

All things considered, we were incredibly lucky that Rebecca’s brain tumor emerged on vacation. We were incredibly lucky in so many ways that it almost defies believability.

What If

posted: 26 Aug 2013

Every decision a parent makes—buying a crib, allowing a piece of chewing gum, signing up for sports camp, going to the swimming pool, handing over the car keys—is a gamble with their child’s life.

One Step At A Time

posted: 24 Aug 2013

This is the stage of recovery where things are both going great and deeply difficult. And the two are inextricably intertwined, so that even the difficulty becomes a sign of the progress.

Holding Pattern

posted: 22 Aug 2013

A lot of people have asked how they can help us, and the truth is that right now, I really don’t know.

The Diagnosis

posted: 21 Aug 2013

Rebecca has grade 3 (anaplastic) astrocytoma. With six weeks of proton radiation bombardment of her brain and a year of mild chemotherapy, she still has a 50% chance of dying at some point in the next five years.

77 Hours

posted: 19 Aug 2013

The days leading up to the discovery of Rebecca’s tumor were, in a lot of ways, just as filled with uncertainty as the days after.

Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

posted: 18 Aug 2013

As we were warned by many and are beginning to learn the very hard way, this is a journey of many setbacks.

Lend Us Your Strength

posted: 16 Aug 2013

Our five-year-old daughter, Rebecca, is currently between major surgeries at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Any thought you can spare us is more than appreciated.

If Harry Befriended Sally

posted: 10 Jul 2013

This is what I really want to see a mainstream movie, preferably with stars in the lead roles.

Ciao, Camino

posted: 31 May 2013

It’s been obvious for a long time that Camino was withering away, but they’ve called a formal end to the project. Here’s how I made Firefox act a lot like Camino.

Collective Editorial: the Plugin

posted: 28 May 2013

As I was reading an article with a few scattered apostrophe errors, I wished that I could highlight each one, hit a report button, and know that the author had been notified of the errors so that they could fix them. Then I realized that I wanted that for my own site.

Resurrected Landmarks

posted: 08 May 2013

Just recently, two landmark web sites were resurrected on major anniversaries.

Blink Support(s)

posted: 24 Apr 2013

Just a quick followup to last month’s post about @supports.

No Laughing Matter

posted: 20 Mar 2013

In any online interaction, synchronous or asynchronous, with someone you don’t know really, really well, this rule applies. Always.

Unsupportable Promises

posted: 19 Mar 2013

What do you think @supports means?

How Twitter Got Its Line Breaks

posted: 14 Mar 2013

In the past day or so, Twitter started “supporting line breaks”. How?


posted: 12 Mar 2013

In Windows, Helvetica is not Helvetica: it’s Arial.


posted: 07 Mar 2013

That was the moment when I realized that Google Glass is inevitable.

The Stinger

posted: 04 Mar 2013

On Friday, the Web Standards Project announced its own dissolution. I felt a lot of things upon reading the announcement, once I got over my initial surprise: nostalgia, wistfulness, closure.

Presto Change-o

posted: 13 Feb 2013

Of browsers and word processors, formats and features, code and consolidation.

Audio Waves

posted: 28 Dec 2012

As the year draws to a close, I have a few bits of podcast news to help fill the lonely hours between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Where to Avoid CSS Hyphenation

posted: 17 Dec 2012

Last week, I asked “Should You Hyphenate?” This week, I’m going to assume that you decided to answer in the affirmative and talk about some good practices (I don’t know if they’re best practices just yet).

Should You Hyphenate?

posted: 10 Dec 2012

CSS hyphenation is widely supported in current browsers, and the very definition of a progressive enhancement. Is it right for you?

This Is What It¬タルs Like

posted: 07 Dec 2012

“So tell me—why do you deserve to be a parent?”

Another Year Apart

posted: 06 Dec 2012

Just some quick updates regarding An Event Apart as we transition from our just-finished 2012 schedule to the upcoming 2013 schedule.

Sixth Annual Blue Beanie Day

posted: 23 Nov 2012

Come November 30th, thousands of us will don our blue beanies. I hope you’ll be among us.

The Web Behind Turns Five (Shows)

posted: 16 Nov 2012

The Web Behind now has five episodes under its belt!

Election Day Results

posted: 06 Nov 2012


When Spambots Break, We Fisk It

posted: 18 Oct 2012

A while back, a spambot stopped by my 2006 post “Unitless line-heights”, dumped what appears to be its complete response configuration file into my comment form, and submitted it. I present it here in its entirety (and its character encoding errors), with a few bits of commentary by yours truly.

Optimized For the Fast-Fading Past

posted: 12 Oct 2012

I have a theory, one that I’m sure has been formulated by someone else much earlier than me, that all power users eventually get left behind.

Catching Up: TWB #2 and #3

posted: 10 Oct 2012

I’ve been a little bit remiss in keeping up with The Web Behind.

The Scent of a Parent

posted: 04 Oct 2012

The shirt you wore could get you the sleep you need.

Pricing ¬タリCSS:The Definitive Guide¬タル

posted: 03 Oct 2012

When I "announced the serial publication of CSS: The Definitive Guide, Fourth Edition":, I left out the question of how pricing will work. There are two components to the answer.

¬タリCSS: The Definitive Guide¬タル, Fourth Edition

posted: 01 Oct 2012

I’m really excited to announce that CSS: The Definitive Guide, Fourth Edition, is being released one piece at a time.