Online Training to Make Sites and Apps Accessible

posted: 07 Jul 2014

ACCESSIBILITY IS LIKE the weather: everyone talks about it, but not enough of us do anything about it. Austin-based Knowbility is one of the few groups in the world with the commitment and expertise to change this. If enough of us fund their new IndieGogo project, they’ll gain the resources they need to create online […]

Original Hip Hop Art

posted: 02 Jul 2014

WHY THE INTERNET was invented: this single-page, no-frills website presents a trove of original, old-school hip hop party posters designed By Buddy Esquire and Phase 2, featuring legendary rappers before they got famous. Word to your mother. Hat tip: Fred Gates Design.

Netdiver returns

posted: 02 Jul 2014

PIONEERING design ‘zine Netdiver is back, baby! Founded by my friend and colleague Carole Guevin in 1998, Netdiver was one of the first web ‘zines to seriously explore and promote design and design culture on the web. In its pages, you would discover pretty much everything exciting that was happening in web and digital design, […]

The Color Purple

posted: 10 Jun 2014

WHEN my daughter was little, she used to ask me my favorite color. I was a grownup, and could only supply a grownup’s answer: “I love the way light looks in late afternoon,” I might say. Or, “Red and black can make powerful statements in graphic design.” Grownups don’t have favorite colors. But children do. […]

An Event Apart San Diego 2014 in real time

posted: 12 May 2014

Tweets about “#aeasd”

I Cry Inside

posted: 10 May 2014

MY DAUGHTER cries and begs me not to leave on my business trip. I hold her and tell her I will return soon. My grandfather died in a plane crash between New York and California. My mother, who was eleven, had begged him not to leave. He lied and told her he would cancel the […]

Big Web Show ¬トヨ 117: The Real Macaw ¬タモᅡᅠStop Wri

posted: 24 Apr 2014

IN BIG WEB SHOW Episode № 117, Tom Giannattasio, Founder/CEO of Macaw, “the superhot web design tool of the future,” joins me to discuss a paradigm shift: can we really draw semantic HTML and succinct CSS? How it works. Pixels, percentages, ems, or rems? Designing a design tool. How to quit your job. From Kickstarter […]

Video: Its a Great Time To Be A UX Designer by Ja

posted: 24 Apr 2014

IN THIS 60-minute video caught live at An Event Apart Austin 2013, Jared M. Spool explains why “It’s a Great Time To Be A UX Designer.”

Hot Links!

posted: 18 Apr 2014

AS AN EVENT APART Seattle closes, and we prepare for a sold-out Boston show, we want to share some of the helpful reviews, summaries, notes, and web links that An Event Apart Seattle inspired. Please enjoy: Hot Links From An Event Apart Seattle.

The Practice

posted: 18 Apr 2014

Typekit Practice is a fine new typography resource. Congrats & thanks @nicewebtype @typekit ! — Jeffrey Zeldman (@zeldman) April 18, 2014

A List Apart ¬トヨ 393: Inventing & Documenting Des

posted: 08 Apr 2014

A LIST APART Issue № 393 is about documenting design patterns with a style guide and creating new ones with the z-axis. Creating Style Guides by SUSAN ROBERTSON A style guide, also referred to as a pattern library, is a living document that details the front-end code for all the elements and modules of a […]

Big Web Show ¬トヨ 116: The Difference Between Ideas

posted: 27 Mar 2014

IN BIG WEB SHOW № 116 (“Everything Web That Matters”), I chat with Phillip Reyland and Roland Dubois, cofounders of Byte Dept., a NYC agency that designs and builds digital products for brands and agencies, and that created the popular Bike Department app for iOS. We discuss… Creating products for clients instead of yourself. Four […]

The Gory Details

posted: 27 Mar 2014

SO MY DAD had another seizure—it’s been about six months since the last one; nobody knows what causes them or how to prevent them. It was 4:00 AM Monday morning. He fell heavily, like a sack of bricks, and cracked open his skull above his right eye. There was blood everywhere on the tiled floor […]

A Temporary Reprieve

posted: 24 Mar 2014

MY PHONE SHOWED three consecutive voicemails from my dad’s wife. I told myself, this can only mean one thing. Fortunately, it meant something else. You know your father is getting on in years when a fall and bleeding and a hospital stay are good news.

Achieving Empathy for Institutions with Anil Dash

posted: 21 Mar 2014

IN BIG WEB SHOW № 115 on Mule Radio, I talk with Anil Dash, a hugely influential entrepreneur, blogger, and web geek living in NYC. Things we discuss include: How government, media, and tech shape the world, and how we can influence them in turn. Our first meeting at SXSW in 2002. How selling CMS […]

Designing and Developing ¬タワThe Web at 25¬タン Websi

posted: 15 Mar 2014

IN BIG WEB SHOW № 114 on Mule Radio, designer Mike Pick and front-end developer Tim Murtaugh talk to me about how they created The Web at 25 website for the W3C in just five and a half weeks. Mike and Tim are the real deal: a great web design and development team from whom […]

Evolving Responsive Web Design

posted: 09 Mar 2014

In What We Mean When We Say “responsive” and Defining Responsiveness, Lyza Danger Grigsby and Jason Grigsby cut to the heart of a disagreement I had three years ago with Ethan Marcotte, the creator of Responsive Web Design and author of Responsive Web Design, a book I published in 2011. Ethan told the world that […]

From Britain With Love: Front-end Style Guides wit

posted: 07 Mar 2014

IN BIG WEB SHOW № 113, developer Anna Debenham and I discuss Adventure Time, Code For America, starting a web career at age 14, checking websites in game console browsers, producing 24 Ways, and the delights of Spotted Dick and Victoria Sponge. Anna is the author of Front-end Style Guides, creator of the Game Console […]

They Made Me a Criminal

posted: 04 Mar 2014

THE JAIL DOOR SLAMMED and I was left in a women’s holding cell with seven teenage girls. There were no benches so we sat on the floor. I was fifteen but looked twelve. With long hair on my head and not a whisker to my chin, I resembled a homely girl, although the plainclothes officer […]

Big Web Show ¬トヨ 112: Responsive Images Get Real w

posted: 25 Feb 2014

THE GOAL of a “responsive images” solution is to deliver images optimized for the end user’s context, rather than serving the largest potentially necessary image to everyone. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been quite so simple in practice as it is in theory. In Big Web Show № 112, I sit down with Mat Marquis, chair of […]

Big Web Show ¬トヨ 111: Web Design Comes of Age with

posted: 13 Feb 2014

IN BIG WEB SHOW № 111, Andrew Clarke and I discuss ten years of web design history, approaches to public speaking, running a successful freelance design business, the importance of writing, CSS3 easter eggs, growing your small studio, responsive web design, and more. Enjoy! Sponsored by Squarespace and Hover.

Big Web Show ¬トヨ 110: CSS and JavaScript: Can¬タルt

posted: 13 Feb 2014

IN BIG WEB SHOW № 110, Nicole Sullivan and I discuss CSS Conf, building scalable systems that won’t break, designing for speed and performance, learning Ruby, Object Oriented CSS, a CSS Style Guide, Type-o-matic, practical takeaways from stunt CSS, pairing as a work method, sexism and racism tests, and setting aside biases when selecting conference […]

The Page, The Stage

posted: 01 Feb 2014

EVERY YEAR I give a new talk at An Event Apart. And every year I panic. After nearly two decades, public speaking no longer frightens me. But deciding what needs to be said gets tougher, and more terrifying, each year. In 1998, when Hasan Yalcinkaya hired me to give my first public web design talk […]

Big Web Show ¬トヨ 109: Bring Me The Head of Tim Ber

posted: 23 Jan 2014

IN BIG WEB SHOW № 109, Robin Berjon and I enjoy a calm, rational conversation about EME, DRM, the MPAA, and the W3C. Enjoy. The episode was sponsored by Squarespace. Links mentioned: “Please Bring Me More of That Yummy DRM Discussion” by Robin Berjon About Robin Berjon Robin Berjon (@robinberjon) on Twitter “We Are Huxleying […]

The joy of content creation (and the hazards of bu

posted: 11 Jan 2014

AN INSPIRING STORY of content creation, which is also, although this particular tale ends happily, a warning about the hazards of building in someone else’s sandbox. Stampylongnose makes wonderful videos about Minecraft (among other things) and is the first independent content creator in my young daughter’s world. She follows him like you followed your first […]

Its 2014. Is Web Design Dead?

posted: 06 Jan 2014

IN A RECENT article on his website, Web Standards Killed the HTML Star, designer Jeff Croft laments the passing of the “HTML and CSS ‘guru’” as a viable long-term professional position and urges his fellow web design generalists to “diversify or die.” The reason the Web Standards Movement mattered was that the browsers sucked. The […]

The Black Hole of The Valley

posted: 02 Jan 2014

STOP ME if you’ve heard this one: Guy goes into a venture capital firm, borrows money. Uses money to turn neat idea into product. Gives away product (or sells well below cost) to build a following and thus a demand. Customers love product, imbue it with their life energy and creativity. Community grows, but not […]

Cloudy With A Chance of Blueballs

posted: 13 Dec 2013

I RECENTLY SHARED a positive view of what’s happening at Adobe. I’m still a huge fan of the company’s image editing software, and I remain optimistic about their new direction. But I’m unhappy about the two-device limitation Adobe Cloud places on software. While the company is more liberal than it used to be (e.g. a […]

This is a Website

posted: 11 Dec 2013

LAST NIGHT at dinner, my friend Tantek Çelik (and if you don’t know who he is, learn the history of your craft) lamented that there was no longer any innovation in blogging—and hadn’t been for years. I replied by asking if anyone was still blogging. Me, I regret the day I started calling what I […]

An Event Apart San Francisco ¬タモᅡᅠLive

posted: 09 Dec 2013

Tweets about “#aeasf”

Design Is A Relationship

posted: 08 Dec 2013

MIKE MONTEIRO is a man on a mission. He wants to improve design by fixing the core of it, which is the relationship between designer and client. Too many of us fear our clients—the people whose money keeps our lights on, and who hire us to solve business problems they can’t solve for themselves. And […]

Intelligent Interfaces: Fantastical Designer Micha

posted: 21 Nov 2013

IN Episode № 105 of The Big Web Show on Mule Radio, I talk with Michael Simmons, co-creator of the Fantastical app (#1 Apple Store app), about iOS 7, designing Fantastical, reinventing calendar software, staying inspired on a long-term project, how to do a huge launch with no budget, Apple’s long-term design strategy, and more. […]

Blue Beanie Day is Coming!

posted: 15 Nov 2013

ALL IT TAKES is a toque and a dream. Join your fellow web designers and developers around the world on Saturday, 30 November 2013, as we march in virtual solidarity in support of web standards. The countdown to this worldwide celebration begins today, with the opening of the Blue Beanie Day 2013 photo pool on […]

Animate This: Val Head on CSS, Pittsburgh, and The

posted: 14 Nov 2013

DESIGNER/DEVELOPER Val Head and I discuss her new book A Pocket Guide to CSS Animations (Five Simple Steps, 2013); the Web Design Day conference; working as a hired gun; JavaScript and CSS animation; the great city of Pittsburgh; what it takes to run a workshop; and more.Enjoy Episode № 104 of The Big Web Show […]

Why Sass? ᅡᄋ An A List Apart Article

posted: 13 Nov 2013

WE ARE PLEASED to present an excerpt from Sass For Web Designers by Dan Cederholm, available now from A Book Apart. Why Sass? · An A List Apart Article.

An Event Apart 2014 Schedules Posted

posted: 13 Nov 2013

IT’S NOT NEWS that all eight An Event Apart conferences in 2014 are open for registration. But this is new: we’ve now published complete schedules and speaker lineups for the first three shows of the year. Learn from some of the smartest people in our industry. Go deep on topics like emerging responsive image standards, […]

Font Lover¬タルs Pizza: The Font Bureau¬タルs Nick She

posted: 07 Nov 2013

TYPE NERDS, unite! Join Nick Sherman (The Font Bureau, Webtype, Fonts In Use, A List Apart) and me for a pleasant hour geeking out on responsive type, 21st century hinting, typefaces designed from scratch for onscreen reading at small sizes, things you still can’t do on the web, EDID and other standards, typefaces used in […]

Mic. Dropped.

posted: 05 Nov 2013

I LOVE how my cats decide an interaction is over. Do something playful to get my attention, then abruptly walk away.

Big Web Show ¬トヨ 102: Sass for Web Designers with

posted: 31 Oct 2013

I Remember Mama

posted: 25 Oct 2013

TODAY IN 2000 the lady who brought me into this life left it. Pneumonia was listed as the cause of death, but she was really killed by Alzheimer’s, a disease that, to all intents and purposes, had already taken her life back in 1993. What died in 2000 was not my mother, although I mourned […]

Big Web Show ¬トヨ 101: Let¬タルs Kill Some Dreams¬タヤA

posted: 25 Oct 2013

DESIGNER, producer, and radio host Jeremy Fuksa and I discuss advertising’s view of the web, the web’s view of advertising, and new design processes for our multi-device web overlords. Enjoy. Keep Hope Alive Check all episodes on Mule Radio. Subscribe to The Big Web Show on iTunes. Subscribe to The Big Web Show’s RSS feed.

Big Web Show ¬トヨ 101: Let¬タルs Kill A Few Dreams¬タヤ

posted: 24 Oct 2013

DESIGNER, producer, and internet radio bon vivant Jeremy Fuksa and I discuss advertising’s view of the web, the web’s view of advertising, and design processes for our new overlords. Enjoy. Keep Hope Alive Check all episodes on Mule Radio. Subscribe to The Big Web Show on iTunes. Subscribe to The Big Web Show’s RSS feed.

Meaning and Non-Meaning

posted: 23 Oct 2013

I’M AT the MakingWeb conference in Oslo, Norway. Nearly all of the presentations here have been in English, but the one I’m listening to now is in Norwegian, a language of which I speak not a word. The ambient flow of phonemes teases my jet lag and makes my lids heavy. Yet each time I […]

ALA ¬トヨ 384: Unsuck Flat UI; Master Digital Projec

posted: 17 Oct 2013

Flat UI and Forms by JESSICA ENDERS Though some decry flat user interfaces as pure fashion, or as the obvious response to skeuomorphic trends, many designers have embraced the flat approach because the reduction in visual styling (such as gradients, drop shadows, and borders) creates interfaces that feel simpler and cleaner. Trouble is, most flat […]

Big Web Show ¬トヨ 100: Dan Brown Works With Others

posted: 17 Oct 2013

Author, lecturer, studio co-founder, UX wiz, and web design pioneer Dan Brown is my guest in Episode № 100 of The Big Web Show (“Everything Web That Matters”). Listen in as Dan and I discuss collaboration strategies, the path from HTML to UX, growing a design studio business, Brian Eno and more. And then… Check […]

Where Ideas Come From: Foursquare¬タルs @Naveen on T

posted: 10 Oct 2013

IN EPISODE № 99 of The Big Web Show (“Everything Web That Matters”), Foursquare co-founder Naveen Selvadurai and I discuss mobile apps and the quantified self; the genesis of bookmarking places; creating mobile UIs in the bad old days before smartphones; how Delicious’s bookmarking helped inspire Foursquare; what was really innovative about the iPhone from […]

Big Web Show ¬トヨ 98: Designer Debbie Millman

posted: 04 Oct 2013

I CHAT with internet radio pioneer, design author, and brand maven Debbie Millman about broadcasting, writing, teaching, publishing, learning to be happy in your own skin, and the importance of early failure to long-term success and happiness. Enjoy Debbie Millman on The Big Web Show. (Want more Debbie? Check Observer Media (Design Observer)–Debbie’s legendary audio […]

Not a Thing in Texas

posted: 02 Oct 2013

6:00 AM, AUSTIN. My nine-year-old vegetarian daughter just phoned from New York to inform me that matzo ball soup is made with chicken broth. She had just learned this fact, and wanted me to know so I wouldn’t inadvertently consume food made from animals while I’m here. I thanked her and told her that matzo […]

Shoulda used semi-colons

posted: 27 Sep 2013

EVERYBODY needs an editor. Twelve hours after posting Big Web Show № 97 (“Research For Tomorrow—With Erika Hall”), I reread my deck and see an absurd alternate meaning created by the use of serial commas instead of semi-colons. Enjoy the episode—and laugh at my grammatical folly—at

Big Web Show ¬トヨ 97: Research For Tomorrow with Er

posted: 26 Sep 2013

IN EPISODE № 97 of The Big Web Show, Erika Hall (Just Enough Research, Mule Design Studio) and I chat about why funding startups nobody needs is killing innovation; how designers can use research to stop bad ideas and find great ones; Russell Brand; and the secret history of Unsuck It. Listen on Soundcloud or […]