London Cyclist

Three bikes and not a thing to ride

posted: 06 Nov 2008

A conversation with my significant other last Sunday; Me: So are you going to ride on Monday? Him: Well no, because my Pista is in bits (for maintenance purposes) Me: But what about your Dolan? Him: No I can�"t, its...

Fat Tire Cycle Tour Berlin

posted: 06 Oct 2008

Being as I am, a bit of a lazy tourist, the Fat Tire cycle tour of Berlin struck me as the perfect way to take in the sights of Berlin, and it was. The weather was cold and the tour...


posted: 01 Oct 2008

Laughed out loud when I spotted this stuck to a letterbox in central London.

Bike of the Month

posted: 03 Aug 2008

The Giant Bowery 2008. Giant's first single speed (I think). Full specs here. I haven't ridden one, but I did seek one out in the Holborn Cycle surgery yesterday, and it is a low key beauty. A nice subtle city...


posted: 03 Aug 2008

I've noticed lately what I think is a significant increase in the amount of road bikes on the road. It seems that these days every second bike that passes is not your average built for comfort MTB, but rather is...

To clipless or not to clipless?

posted: 03 Aug 2008

For the last 2 years or so I been riding with clipless pedals on various bikes I have owned and currently own. Clipless was surprisingly easy to get used despite a lifetime of 'normal' pedals, I've only once come close...

Lawlessness in the psycho lane

posted: 03 Aug 2008

So after 5 months away from regular commuting, this week I have been back on it. My commute has doubled in length due to a change of job and that along with the 5 months off is taking its toll...

Cycle etiquette

posted: 03 Aug 2008

Recent sunny days have brought troubling times upon us⬦cyclists have taken to the streets in ever increasing numbers. My commute has gone mad. Getting up at sparrows fart ensures a relatively pain free cycle to work, as does cycling against...

Sway me

posted: 03 Aug 2008

I�"m now wavering away from the Giant Bowery towards the Charge Plug. It�"s classic retro styling just appeals more than the Giant�"s more modern look. I�"ll be test riding the Charge Plug this afternoon and while it will be quite...

Cyclist's light

posted: 03 Aug 2008

Here�"s an idea, you see a number of cyclists � including myself on occasion, taking off through a junction on the amber light (ie the one before the green). Why not make this light the cyclists light? I think you�"d...

Tips for cyclists

posted: 03 Aug 2008

Try a higher gear, you�"ll expend less energy and look less stupid Try a bike with less rear suspension, bouncing up and down is hindering your forward progress Knees in people, you are cycling not doing pliés If someone passes...

Ding ding!

posted: 03 Aug 2008

I've finally broken down and purchased a bell for my bike. I was prompted to this decision yesterday whilst whizzing through the cycle lanes of Bloomsbury. A woman and child were dallying on the median strip between the cycle lane...

Little Miss Oblivious

posted: 03 Aug 2008

Little Miss O Please watch where you go While you chat on your cell And puff smoke as well Oblivious to me And my like, cycling free As you step in the green And the steady bike stream Brakes squeal...