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Flash Player 12 Released

posted: 14 Jan 2014

Flash Player 12 and AIR 4 have been released. The updated AIR SDK is available for download, and here are the release notes.

Tablet Browsing On The Rise

posted: 14 Jan 2014

Not that this should shock you, but tablet based web traffic is on the rise. Dr Wing Yee Lee is an Adobe Senior Business Analyst Manager, and in a blog post on the Adobe Digital Europe site she's posted some data showing a spike in UK web browsing over the holiday season, from 20% to 25% and peaking at 30%. While the post is about the marketing opportunities afforded by this trend, the message should also be clear to web site and app developers - if you are not yet building responsive sites that behave ell on devices and tablets, you need to do so immediately.

ADIM14 Registration Is Open

posted: 07 Jan 2014

ADIM14 will be a lively, 3-day experience where art directors, designers, illustrators, and photographers learn advanced imaging techniques using the tools and services found in the Adobe Creative Cloud. Using a combination of cameras, computers, and the Adobe Creative Cloud, along with fine art photography and illustration, you'll design and create a Japanese-themed Washi Paper lantern. In the process, you'll master many of the features of the Adobe Creative Cloud. ADIM2014 will take place March 9-12, 2014 in Boulder, CO, and is to be hosted by the never boring Adobe Senior Creative Director Russell Brown who will be joined by a very impressive team of speakers. Registration is open. This is one I really want to attend myself!

Jan 2014 Edition Of Inspire Is Out

posted: 07 Jan 2014

The January 2014 edition of Inspire Magazine is now out, with stories on Audition, Dreamweaver, Edge Animate, Edge Reflow, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, TypeKit, and more.

Raymond Camden Explains Android PhoneGap Remote De

posted: 06 Jan 2014

PhoneGap 3.3 introduced the ability to "CB-5487 Enable Remote Debugging when your Android app is debuggable". Raymond Camden checked it out.

Creative Cloud Status

posted: 06 Jan 2014

Someone just IMd me to ask where they could check the status of Creative Cloud and its supporting services. In case anyone else wants the link, here it is

Recommendation: RadioShack LED Cube

posted: 30 Dec 2013

I'm always on the lookout for fun and engaging electronics projects for kids. A few days ago I dropped by RadioShack (I needed an IR sensor for an Arduino project) and noticed a red box labeled RadioShack 3D LED Cube Hobby Kit. As it was priced at under $15 I had to give it a try. If you are not familiar with LED cubes, do a quick YouTube search.For anything impressive you want a large cube, the bigger the better, and you also want RGB LEDs. But large LED cubes can be very tricky to put together, and coding them is not trivial either. And when you add RGB into the mix you're doubling the number of connections you'll need to solder. So, small cubes of single color LEDs is a good place to start. The RadioShack kit is a simple 3x3x3 cube, 29 LEDs in total, all powered by a single Arduino board (not included). You get (almost) everything you need in the kit, along with some pretty decent directions. This accompanying blog post has product details, and downloadable Arduino code complete with a bunch of lighting patterns that are ready to run. I worked on this with one of my sons this week. This was not a trivial project. 29 LEDs, 9 resistors, and 4 sets of header pins, well, that is a lot of soldering on a small board and a cube that is not much bigger than an inch in each direction. And yes, there were mishaps (I managed to burn out a couple of LEDs after the cube was soldered together), but that's part of the fun. And now that we're admiring the results, it's clear that this was well worth the time and effort. I'd not recommend this project if you have no experience with a soldering iron. But that said, this is a great inexpensive way to have fun with electronics and simple programming. Recommended!

Enjoying Behance Student Show

posted: 30 Dec 2013

One of my favorite Behance Curated Galleries is the Student Show. This is a collection of work by students attending hundreds of colleges and universities worldwide, and the work is both impressive and inspiring. I've started browsing this one regularly.

Photoshop Team Seeking Feedback

posted: 20 Dec 2013

Are you a Photoshop fan? Are you interested in helping impact its future direction? The Photoshop team is looking for feedback through surveys, Google hang-outs, private Facebook groups, and even in-person visits from product managers, designers, and engineers from the team. If you want to be a part of this group, fill in this survey.

Brackets Sprint 35 Released

posted: 19 Dec 2013

Brackets Sprint 35 is out. New features include new Find/Replace UI, improved Live Preview on Mac, and a significantly improved startup time.

PhoneGap 3.3 Released

posted: 17 Dec 2013

Well, that was quick. PhoneGap 3.2 was just announced a few weeks ago, and now we have PhoneGap 3.3 which adds support for Android KitKat (4.4).

Edge Code CC Updated

posted: 12 Dec 2013

The Edge Code CC team has announced an update featuring Live View of HTML, image previews, and CSS editor enhancements, too.

Creative Cloud Packager 1.4 Released

posted: 12 Dec 2013

As mentioned previously, if you are deploying Creative Cloud for a team or across your enterprise, then you'll want to look at Adobe Creative Cloud Packager, a tool that makes it easy to create packages that contain Creative Cloud products and updates, and then deploy those packages to client machines in your organization. And the team just announced an update to the Packager which adds some important functionality, including support for physical media.

The New And Improved Creative Cloud Learn

posted: 12 Dec 2013

Earlier today we launched a brand new Creative Cloud Learn. You'll find hundreds of tutorials in a fresh, modern, responsive user interface. And all of the content is now available to all, whether you are currently a Creative Cloud subscriber or are considering becomine one.

Brackets Sprint 34.1 Released

posted: 05 Dec 2013

It's not a full sprint release, but we love Brackets and every update is worth celebrating. Brackets Sprint 34.1 is now out, complete with support for the upgrading of existing installations.

MAX 2014 Dates

posted: 03 Dec 2013

Adobe MAX 2014 heads back to Los Angeles October 4th - 8th. You can sign up to be informed of more details as they become available.

Bob Levine On Creative Cloud

posted: 02 Dec 2013

Self confessed "dedicated Adobe InDesign geek" Bob Levine weighs in on Why Creative Cloud Subscription Software is Here to Stay.

PhoneGap 3.2 Released

posted: 29 Nov 2013

The PhoneGap team has announced the release of PhoneGap 3.2. This is primarily a stability and bug fix release, and the improvements list is extensive.

Adobe XD Designing In The Open

posted: 26 Nov 2013

The Adobe XD team are the brains behind some of our most compelling design work (including Projects Mighty and Napolean). The XD team is now designing in the open in a Participatory Design process. They've also shared some of their work in progress on their Behance page.

Adobians Rule Twitter

posted: 26 Nov 2013

Check out this Social Look report. Adobe ranks fourth for overall employee presence on Twitter, and first for percentage of employees tweeting. Nice!

Creative Cloud Photoshop Photography Program

posted: 21 Nov 2013

The Photoshop Photography Program includes access to Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5 (plus feature updates and upgrades as they are available), 20GB of cloud storage for file sharing and collaboration, and a Behance ProSite, all for US $9.99/month when you sign up for a one-year plan, but you need to join by December 2, 2013.

Dreamweaver Survey

posted: 21 Nov 2013

The Dreamweaver team has announced that they are conducting a customer feedback survey to learn more about what's working in Dreamweaver and what isn't. And yes, I know that ColdFusion customers have strong feelings about this one, and they are free to weigh in and share, too.

Jon Perera On The Future Of eSignatures

posted: 15 Nov 2013

Fellow Adobian Jon Perera has posted an article entitled Enabling Friction Free Business - Adobe's eSignature Roadmap. He starts by noting that 90% of contracts in North America are not signed electronically (a rather sad stat, IMHO). He then states that 50 million agreements have been signed on the Adobe EchoSign platform, and goes on to explain the roadmap for these products. While a little more marketingy than I'd like, this one is an interesting read.

Jon Perera On The Future Of eSignature's

posted: 15 Nov 2013

Fellow Adobian Jon Perera has posted an article entitled Enabling Friction Free Business - Adobe's eSignature Roadmap. He starts by noting that 90% of contracts in North America are not signed electronically (a rather sad stat, IMHO). He then states that 50 million agreements have been signed on the Adobe EchoSign platform, and goes on to explain the roadmap for these products. While a little more marketingy than I'd like, this one is an interesting read.

Adobe AIR 4 Beta Released

posted: 15 Nov 2013

The first beta release of Adobe AIR 4 (code named "Jones") has been posted to Adobe Labs. The release notes contain details of what's new.

ColdFusion Security Update Posted

posted: 13 Nov 2013

The ColdFusion team has announced a security hotfix for CF9.x and CF10. Here are some details.

Neglected ColdFusion Servers Invite Hackers

posted: 10 Nov 2013

Information Week has published an important article entitled ColdFusion Hacks Point To Unpatched Systems. The basic premise is nothing ColdFusion specific, if you deploy public facing servers and then neglect to patch or update them, well, you're asking for trouble. That said, ColdFusion seems to be particularly vulnerable not because of the software itself, but because ColdFusion servers are often deployed and used by less experienced developers and administrators. (That, and many are considered "legacy" code for "we'll keep using it but will never actually pay attention to it"). If you host public facing servers that you have a responsibility to manage and maintain them. So, two practical suggestions:

  • If you are not using ColdFusion 10, upgrade now! ColdFusion 10 can notify you of available updates, and also simplifies installing them. While I wish ColdFusion would have offered this years ago, it does offer it now, so use it!
  • Sign up with HackMyCF, a monitoring service that will probe your ColdFusion servers and will then send you notifications and alerts. It's inexpensive, and will more than pay for itself the first time it alerts you to plug a hole.

Adobe Gaming SDK 1.3 Released

posted: 07 Nov 2013

Adobe Gaming SDK 1.3 has been released. Improvements include AIR support for iOS7 and Mac OS 10.9.

November Inspire Magazine Now Available

posted: 05 Nov 2013

Title says it all, the November 2013 issue of Inspire magazine is available for reading and iPad download.

Jens Loeffler Explains HTML5 Video

posted: 03 Nov 2013

Fellow Adobian Jens Loeffler has summarized all you need to know to get stated using the HTML5 <video> tag in a great post (appropriatley) entitled HTML5 Video Guide - All You Need to Know for 2014.

Adobe MAX 2014

posted: 31 Oct 2013

Adobe MAX 2014 will be held in the fall on the U.S. west coast. We're not quite ready to provide dates and specifics just yet, but use this form to be notified as soon as details are available.

PhoneGap Build Update

posted: 29 Oct 2013

The PhoneGap team has announced that PhoneGap Build now supports Apache Cordova 3.1, and also improved support for Windoes and iOS7. In addition, a PhoneGap Build Status page is now online.

Snap.svg Released

posted: 23 Oct 2013

Snap.svg is a brand new JavaScript library for working with SVG. Snap provides web developers with a clean, streamlined, intuitive, and powerful API for animating and manipulating both existing SVG content, and SVG content generated with Snap. Visit the site to learn more, or do what I did and start with the demos.

99U Conference 2014 Tickets On Sale

posted: 22 Oct 2013

99U Conference 2014 will be May 1st and 2nd in NYC. Tickets are on sale now.

Creative Cloud And Windows 8.1 Support

posted: 21 Oct 2013

I'm now running Windows 8.1 on my laptop (and no, the reintroduced Start button is not a real Start button). All of the Creative Cloud apps I use are running flawlessly, and as per this FAQ, that's exactly what should be happening.

cf.Objective() 2014

posted: 21 Oct 2013

It's been quite a few years since I made it to cf.Objective(), it's a great conference and one I've regretted missing. cf.Objective() 2014 details are now online, and the call for speakers is open.

Brackets Sprint 32 Released

posted: 14 Oct 2013

And here's more Brackets goodness for you! Brackets Sprint 32 has been released featuring imporvements to Live Develoment, Quick Edit, and lots of community contributions.

How Projects Mighty And Napoleon Came To Life

posted: 14 Oct 2013

Check out this Behance gallery story on Project Mighty & Napoleon. how it was done.

Install The Adobe Exchange Panel

posted: 14 Oct 2013

Adobe Exchange is the easy way to discover and install plug-ins, extensions, and other content for Creative Cloud products, and you can access Adobe Exchange right from within your favorite CC app by installing the Adobe Exchange Panel.

Great Digital Marketing Ad

posted: 08 Oct 2013

Ok, now this one is funny! :-)

Raymond Camden On The Brackets Linting API

posted: 08 Oct 2013

Brackets Sprint 31 introduced an improved API for integration with linting tools, and Raymond Camden explains the significance of this in this Brackets Blog post.

LevelUp Gets Leveled Up

posted: 08 Oct 2013

LevelUp For Photoshop is a game that teaches Photoshop skills, and a new Level 5 (with three new missions) has just been added.

Expanded Creative Cloud Learn Content Availability

posted: 04 Oct 2013

You know that LEARN tab at the top of the Creative Cloud site? Well, if you are a paid Creative Cloud subscriber you do, but if you have a trial or free account then probably not. But that's now changed, and the huge library of Creative Cloud learning content is now available to all logged in users.

Now Forming: Team CF Advance

posted: 04 Oct 2013

Team CF Advance, an Open Source ColdFusion Development Group, is now forming, as per this post.

Brackets Sprint 31 Released

posted: 23 Sep 2013

Brackets Sprint 31 is out, and boy is this a biggie! The biggest new features is Live Preview updating in real time as you type in HTML files. Additional enhancements include improved search and HTML matching tag highlighting.

New Edge Code Preview

posted: 17 Sep 2013

There's a new Edge Code Preview out, and Ryan Stewart explains all in this post.

Projects Mighty And Napoleon Coming Soon

posted: 17 Sep 2013

Remember Projects Mighty and Napoleon first demoed at MAX 2013? Back then they were technology concepts, not actual planned products. But, reception was so overwhelmingly positive that we just announced that these are indeed being built as commercial products. More details to follow.

Adobe Generator For Photoshop CC Explained

posted: 10 Sep 2013

This blog post does a great job explaining and Introducing Adobe Generator for Photoshop CC.

Reflow Photoshop Workflow

posted: 09 Sep 2013

Following up on a workflow first shown at MAX 2013, here's a video in which Product Manager Jacob Surber demonstrates how to import Photoshop CC assets into Edge Reflow:

SQL Book Translated Into Korean

posted: 04 Sep 2013

Every edition of every SQL book I have written has been translated into other languages. And as per this blog post, it looks like the 4th edition of my Sams Teach Yourself SQL In 10 Minutes is now available in Korean.